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Jamis Bicycles!

Jamis has great bicycles for every ride and rider!

Jamis built the Earth Cruiser and the world went wild for it!Started in 1937 as a component distributor, Jamis has since become one of the nation's premier brands thanks to its commitment to quality and diverse product line. The company as we know it began churning out bikes in 1979 with their Earth Cruiser model, which they still offer.

A rehash of the typical 1950's cruiser, the Earth Cruiser was, and still is, the perfect combination of fashion and function and it helped turn cycling from a pastime for kids into a healthy, fun activity that people of all ages could enjoy.

Jamis is famous for its high-flying mountain bikes!Following their initial success with fun cruiser models, Jamis threw their hat into the burgeoning mountain bike movement with the release of the Dakota, Lightfoot and Roughneck in 1983. Practically prehistoric compared to their current models, these bikes were heralded as some of the first quality production all-terrain rigs of the day. 

They followed the release of their revolutionary mountain bikes with two new road bikes, the Eclipse and Quest in 1988. They featured size-proportional components and frame geometry, changing forever the way we think about how road bikes are supposed to fit and handle.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Jamis released the race-ready Dragon hardtail in 1993 at an unheard of weight of only 24 pounds, and then helped pioneer full-suspension bikes with the Dakar in 1995, a bike that has since gone on to win a multitude of "Best Of" awards from the industry's leading publications.

Jamis road bicycles give you the winning edge!Jamis continues their rich tradition of quality and progression to this day with a full line of bikes for every type of rider. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a seasoned commuter, a road racer, or a big hucker you're sure to find a bike that is just your style.

Stop by Blue Line Bike Lab soon and check out our awesome line of Jamis bicycles! Whether you want a bike to crush the MS150, tame the trails at Memorial Park and the Anthills, or just cruise the bike paths through the Heights, we've got a Jamis bike that is perfect for you.

The Bikes...

Jamis Allegro Sport
Jamis X.24
Jamis Dragon 650 Sport
Jamis Allegro Sport - 2015

Jamis' Allegro Sport is a comfy, fun, efficient bike. It boasts a light,… [more]

Jamis X.24 - 2015

Jamis' X.24 is an ultra-cool bike and perfect for getting into trail… [more]

Jamis Dragon 650 Sport - 2015

Jamis' Dragon 650 Sport is crafted of beautiful chromoly and high quality… [more]

Jamis Nova Sport
Jamis Citizen 2
Jamis Citizen 2 Femme - Women's
Jamis Nova Sport - 2015

Adventure awaits–where will Jamis’ Nova Sport take you? It's equally ideal… [more]

Jamis Citizen 2 - 2015

Jamis' Citizen 2 is a fun, comfy ride capable of cruising the city streets… [more]

Jamis Citizen 2 Femme - Women's - 2015

Jamis' Citizen 2 Femme is a fun, comfy ride capable of cruising the city… [more]

Jamis Ventura Race
Jamis Commuter 1 Femme - Women's
Jamis Ventura Comp
Jamis Ventura Race - 2015

Light, smooth, and boasting inspiring handling is a lot to ask—luckily… [more]

Jamis Commuter 1 Femme - Women's - 2015

Whether you're cruising around town, enjoying the countryside or spinning… [more]

Jamis Ventura Comp - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Jamis' Ventura Comp is fast and responsive, perfect for venturing into the… [more]