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Kona Bicycles!

Experience the ultimate ride on a Kona!
Kona was founded in 1988 by longtime riders and racers who had previously worked for other pioneering west-coast mountain bike companies. The first Kona bicycles were custom machines based on the Kona founders' own personal preferences in high-end off-road bikes. And, this tradition of making thoughtful, reliable, special, well-balanced bicycles is still the cornerstone of the Kona way.

Kona knows the winner's circle!Kona's headquarters are in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, home to some of the most demanding trails on the planet. This Disneyland for mountain bikers consists of near-vertical ramps, ladders and root entangled mudslides to name just a few of the obstacles. And they're all things that Kona's employees ride every day.

This exciting environment is thrilling to ride and harsh on equipment and riders making it ideal for evaluating Kona frame designs and components. If a bicycle excels in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest under Kona's demanding and accomplished test riders, it will excel everywhere!

So why does a company that straddles the US/Canada border have a Hawaiian name? It comes from their fascination with all things volcanic. They're located on the northern edge of the volcanic Cascade Mountain Range, which runs down the Pacific Coast from Canada to Southern California. The Hawaiian Islands are part of that volcanic chain, so the Kona name connection came along naturally.

Kona has bicycles for all passions!But, don't let the laid-back Hawaiian company or bicycle model names fool you. Whether you love stomping huge drops with 8-inches of travel or sailing around high-speed sweeping corners on a road bike (yes, Kona makes awesome road bikes, too!), or touring across the globe (photo), Kona has the perfect bike for you!

And, you can be confident that every one is dialed to perfection thanks to valuable input and extensive testing from Kona's factory pro riders.

Whether you're looking for an awesome commuter bike or a full-suspension 29er to blow your riding partners off the trail at Memorial Park, no shopping trip is complete until you swing by Blue Line Bikes to see our exciting selection of Kona bicycles and take a test ride!

The Bikes...

Kona Cinder Cone
Kona Esatto
Kona Lana'i
Kona Cinder Cone - 2015
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5.0 stars
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Kona Esatto

When the road is less than perfect, Kona's Esatto is exactly what you… [more]

Kona Lana'i - 2015
Product Rating
3.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Like the famous pineapples of its namesake island, Kona's Lana'i is one… [more]

Kona Fire Mountain
Kona Process 134
Kona Dew Deluxe
Kona Fire Mountain - 2015
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4.0 stars
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Kona Process 134 - 2015
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Kona's Process 134 proudly exudes the perfect balance of handling when… [more]

Kona Dew Deluxe - 2015
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Let Kona's Dew Deluxe freshen up your morning commutes and weekend… [more]

Kona Mahuna
Kona Honky Tonk
Kona Precept DL
Kona Mahuna - 2015

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Kona Honky Tonk - 2015

Kona's Honky Tonk handles it all — from epic rides on sunny days to… [more]

Kona Precept DL - 2015

What's the reason to get out there? The ride. It's all about the ride.… [more]