Yes, we know. We've read those same magazine articles and internet how-to-buy-a-bike guides. Apparently you should never ever buy a bike, especially not a new road bike, that doesn't include a complementary full dynamic fit. We believe that this is the reason why we see so many folks on poorly fitting bikes suffering their way through rides that should be nothing but pure pleasure.

Are we saying that bike fit is irrelevant? Of course not! In fact, just the opposite is true. We believe that a high quality bike fit is the most cost effective and valuable upgrade that you can do to any bike, which is exactly why we don't do "bike fitting" here at Blue Line Bikes.

So, wait, what? Yes, you read that right. We don't do bike fits precisely because we believe that they're so important. We are experts on bicycles, not the human body. While we have our own empirical knowledge gleaned from many years of riding and working on bikes, we are still not qualified to fit you to a bike, and neither is that sales guy at the other store that you were just at who promised you a sweet bike fit for an entry-level road bike. We believe that a bike fit should be performed by someone with a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology, as well as a heavy investment in bike fit specific training and three-dimensional fit tools. There are a lot of sales folks out there who are relying heavily on the fact that you know even less about bike fit than they do, and many shops have found that it's easier to just try and pass off some bike fit voodoo than admit that they're not experts and risk losing a sale. It's easy to spot a bike fit witch doctor- they'll be coming at you with a plumb bob, a yardstick,  and an old mag trainer. We feel like we would be doing you a disservice if we offered the same voodoo fit service that other shops offer.

We've made the decision to go a different route. We have admitted to ourselves that we can't afford a $50,000 fit system and three hours of highly skilled labor for every bike that we sell, and even if we had that stuff we wouldn't really know how to use it. The truth is, if we were that good at math we probably would have ended up in a different industry making substantially larger paychecks. So we've found a solution...
Blue Line Bikes has signed on with Tad Hughes Fit Studio. Tad is one of the nation's premier bike fit specialists and we're lucky to have him right here in Houston. Any time you buy an awesome Jamis or Kona from Blue Line Bikes, Tad will give you $100 off of your dynamic bike fit on that bike. Yes, it will still cost you money- but we believe that when it comes to bike fitting, you get exactly what you pay for. Sure, you can get Joe Bob from BikeMegaMart to throw in a free fit on that "close enough"  last year's closeout model he's been showing you, but we promise you that it won't be the same product that you get when you go see Tad.

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