Even though most of the faces you see when you visit us are young(ish), Blue Line Bike Lab is an old-fashioned family business and we pride ourselves on managing to stay true to that vision while the world mega-sizes itself around us.  We like to think that our family dynamic here at the store helps our customers feel like they've just stepped into a really cool version of their own homes, and there's nothing more awesome than watching strangers come in and become customers, then those customers becoming friends, and those friends becoming bike family. You're welcome here no matter who you are, and our staff is ready to listen.

Our Team


Fred Zapalac Blue LIne Bike Lab

Fred Zapalac

Head Honcho

David Zapalac Blue line bike lab

David Zapalac


Charles "Chuck" Passe Blue LIne Bike Lab

Charles "Chuck" Passe

General Manager

JD "Diesel" Sanchez Blue Line Bike Lab

JD "Diesel" Sanchez

Assistant Manager- East End

Omari Cato Blue LIne Bike Lab

Mike D

Service Manager


Josh Gustafson-juarez Blue LIne Bike Lab

Josh Gustafson-Juarez

Assistant Manager- Heights

Jimmy flores blue line bike lab

Jimmy Flores



Gary McCain Blue LIne Bike Lab

Travis Jolly



Brad Ellett | Blue Line Bike Lab

Brad Ellett

Assistant Manager- Heights

William Stetch blue line bike lab

William Stetch



Jennifer Zapalac Blue LIne Bike Lab

Jennifer Zapalac

MS150 Team Captain and
Events Coordinator


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