Blue Line Bike Lab, pretty much the best bike shop ever.

The Origin Story

Now here's a little story that I've got to tell about two rad brothers that you know so well...

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What The Fans Are Saying

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Blue Line Gift Cards are now available.

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Blue line bike lab new location

Did you know that we're moving soon?

We've been at our iconic White Oak location since 2005, and we've built so many great memories inside that dusty old grocery store that we're going to be sad when we leave, but we've got something even better on the horizon. We closed on our first real estate purchase last July when we bought the old Parsley Photo Studio at the corner of 15th and Yale, and we've been trudging a long hard road over the last year as we get the building built out the way we want it and get everything up to code. Everything's beginning to pick up speed though, and we're hoping to be able to begin moving in sometime in mid-September. The new store will be much larger- we'll have 5500 square feet of retail space, and an additional 2000 square feet of storage and work area in the back, so we'll be doubling the space that we're in now. We've already got the rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC in, and we should have all three of those components finished in a few short weeks. We've already got our new roof on and a lot of the stucco repaired, and we'll be adding our mid-century breeze block architectural elements before the month is out. Mark it on your calendar and start telling all of your friends and neighbors- Blue Line Bike Lab will be in our new home at 1504 Yale by November 1st, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store!

houston's inner loop cervelo dealer

Now carrying Cervelo with several models on sale! 

 We’re happy to announce that a deal that we’ve been working on for hundreds of minutes is finally going to come to pass, and we’ll be representing Cervelo as Houston’s only inner-loop stocking dealer! We have a full size run of R2 and R3 bikes, along with a couple of S3s for those who go max aero! We’ve been working on tweaking our line up a little bit to get ready for the big move, and lacking a comprehensive line of top shelf road bikes. Not anymore- If you want to be the best you have to sell the best, and this pick up brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of world domination. Also, they’re just cool bikes.

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houston limited edition blue line bike lab shirts

Limited edition shirts now available!

Our new World Champions Of The World t-shirts just dropped! Come snag one soon before they’re all gone- this is a limited edition run, and we probably won’t be making any more this year. We have both men’s and women’s available, because we want everyone to be able to look their absolute best.

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“Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.” — James E. Starrs, US book editor