Team Blue Line Bicycle Lab

MS150 Team

Blue Line Bike Lab hosts one of the most awesome MS150 teams that's ever existed. We cap our team at 80 riders, so if you're interested in riding with us we recommend that you get signed up as soon as registration for the ride opens up. Our team is open to any of our friends and customers, and we love seeing all of our veteran riders mingling with all of our new riders every year. Don't be shy, you're welcome to ride with us!

We do have a $120 team fee that's due as soon as you register for the ride. This is in addition to the registration fee, so please don't confuse the two. The team fee covers a small portion of your jersey and logistics cost.

What we provide:

  1. A really cool jersey (You can purchase a matching bib separately.)

  2. A giant team tent in LaGrange.

  3. Hot fresh food from Moon Rooster food truck.

  4. Multiple kegs of craft beer. We've never floated all of our kegs.

  5. Luggage logistics to LaGrange.

  6. Multiple team meet and greets.

  7. Group rides on Wednesday nights.

  8. Multiple massage therapists available in LaGrange and Austin.

  9. Team tent in Austin with catering by Torchy's Tacos. Oh, and more beer.

We've been doing this for a while now, and our team is pretty dialed. We have lots of small amenities that will really help you enjoy your experience, and if you're a first time rider we promise that you'll have a great time riding with us.

Please feel free to email our Team Captain at with any questions. *Please note- that email address does not belong to the shop and no questions that are not MS150 team related will be answered from that address. For general questions related to the shop, please give us a call during regular business hours.

Racing Team

We do not currently host a sanctioned a race team, but we do have a few riders that race in local events in Blue Line kits. If you'd like to represent us in a local race, we'd be stoked to see some pictures of you crossing the finish line in your blue and orange.

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