Mike Smith- 9/01/2018

Always helpful and laid back vibe! A rare place where great customer service still exists. I purchased my commuter from them a year ago and they’ve always gone above and beyond to keep me on the road.

Donnie Boydstun- 8/26/2018

Great Wed. evening ride sponsored by Blue Line Bike Lab! The B group went 24 miles at 16mph pace.  Was very well supported! Thanks Blue Line!

Almnast- 8/9/2018

Great guys always working. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

Nicolas Perkins- 5/11/2018

I was referred to this shop by a friend of mine,  after I had a bad experience at another store.  The service at Blue Line was attentive,  knowledgeable, and left me feeling great about my purchases.  This is my new shop going forward and I am happy that my friend referred me here.

Finn Universe- 5/2/2018

Fun place to shop for bikes. They also have a great selection of bicycle accessories! Which a lot of other places don't.

Bruno Rios- 2/21/2018

This is one of the best bike shops in town. Compared with the competition, especially with big stores, it is a small shop. But what others have in size, Blue Line has in heart. It's pretty straightforward, a very knowledgeable team of people with great customer service and a wide variety of products for everyone. They also host an unrelated bike ride every Wednesday at 7pm with various groups that starts at the shop, and they have an awesome team for the MS 150.

Eat Drink- 2/28/2018

My 2nd or 3rd visit. Great service each time, won't be going anywhere else

Josh Engalla- 1/12/2018

Best bike shop in the Heights. These guys are always so happy to help you and make sure you’re set for some good rides. Went in today just to get some brake pads and Greg went above and beyond to help us.

Raven Eye- 9/24/2017

Really helpful. I've purchased a few items for my bike here and they've always been knowledgeable about everything they sell.