Retrospec Mantra V2

Retrospec Mantra V2
  • Color: Hunter Green
  • Color: Copper and Black
  • Color: Graphite and Teal
  • Color: Crimson
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Color: Chrome and Black
  • Color: Coral
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Color: White and Black
  • Color: Celeste
  • Color: Midnight Blue
$259.99 - $329.99
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You know Mantra 1.0. But now it’s time to meet Mantra 2.0. It’s been designed and built with the same kind of love and enthusiasm for cycling. Our newest version of our classic fixed-gear / single-speed bike now comes standard with front and rear Promax brakes and machined sidewall rims. This set of brakes is precise with quick response time. Now with dual braking, you have exponentially more control over your ride, your speed, and, of course, your stopping.

Our UrbanComfort frame is hand-built, tig-welded, double-butted, and lightweight. The high-tensile strength steel diamond frame is the perfect riding companion as you cycle your way to work and home and play and everything in between. The frame and fork have bar spin clearance, horizontal dropouts, and no toe overlap. Mantra 2.0 comes standard with sealed cartridge bearing hubs to keep your bike clean and healthy. Less dampness, water, and grime can get into the delicate parts of your bike when the hubs are sealed. This means less required maintenance and a longer living bicycle.

Mantra 2.0 is just as versatile as its predecessors. It’s also equipped with a flip-flop hub, which means you can ride your bike either as a fixed-gear or a single-speed with a freewheel. When you ride on a fixed-gear, every motion you make moves the bike. You always have to be moving if you want the bike to be moving. When you ride on a single-speed bike, the rear wheel is free-moving so you can cruise without having to pedal.

Mantra 2.0 comes installed on the single-speed side. This is a bike you can ride regularly and quickly and easily transform into a fixed-gear whenever you like.

We have very high standards. Every single element that goes anywhere near our bikes undergoes serious scrutiny. The Kenda commuter tires we pick have a unique tread with water dispersion grooves. There is more surface area on these tires and water travels through the channels on the tire. This means you have more traction and better grip on the road but also minimal resistance. The double-wall super deep-V Star rims with a machined braking surface and the always dependable KMC chain ensure a smooth ride.

We strongly suggest that you take your bike to a professional bicycle mechanic to be built and/or checked out to ensure that the cog and lockring are tightened, the brakes adjusted, and the wheels trued.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Hunter Green / 43cm
Hunter Green / 49cm 210000039862 39862
Hunter Green / 53cm 815725024183 815725024183 38218
Hunter Green / 57cm 815725024190 815725024190 38220
Hunter Green / 61cm 210000039914 39914
Copper and Black / 43cm
Copper and Black / 49cm 210000039124 39124
Copper and Black / 53cm
Copper and Black / 57cm
Copper and Black / 61cm
Graphite and Teal / 43cm 210000040301 40301
Graphite and Teal / 49cm 815725020307 815725020307 38222
Graphite and Teal / 53cm 815725020314 815725020314 38224
Graphite and Teal / 57cm 210000038900 38900
Graphite and Teal / 61cm
Crimson / 43cm
Crimson / 49cm 815725025982 815725025982 38226
Crimson / 53cm 815725025999 815725025999 38230
Crimson / 57cm
Crimson / 61cm 815725026019 815725026019 38228
Sky Blue / 43cm
Sky Blue / 49cm 815725026033 815725026033 38232
Sky Blue / 53cm 815725026040 815725026040 38234
Sky Blue / 57cm
Sky Blue / 61cm
Chrome and Black / 43cm
Chrome and Black / 49cm
Chrome and Black / 53cm 210000038904 38904
Chrome and Black / 57cm
Chrome and Black / 61cm 210000039120 39120
Coral / 43cm
Coral / 49cm 815725020444 815725020444 38236
Coral / 53cm
Coral / 57cm
Coral / 61cm
Matte Black / 43cm
Matte Black / 49cm
Matte Black / 53cm 815725020215 815725020215 38238
Matte Black / 57cm 815725020222 815725020222 38240
Matte Black / 61cm 815725020239 815725020239 38242
White and Black / 43cm
White and Black / 49cm
White and Black / 53cm
White and Black / 57cm
White and Black / 61cm
Celeste / 43cm
Celeste / 49cm
Celeste / 53cm
Celeste / 57cm
Celeste / 61cm
Midnight Blue / 43cm
Midnight Blue / 49cm
Midnight Blue / 53cm 210000038384 38384
Midnight Blue / 57cm 210000038906 38906
Midnight Blue / 61cm 210000038386 38386