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Welcome to The Blue Line Bike Lab!

Blue Line Bikes is Houston's favorite old fashioned bicycle shop, and we've been doing our part to keep Houston awesome since 2005.  We've worked hard to hunt down and sell unique brands that you won't find in most cookie-cutter stores, and with our selection of bikes from Jamis, Kona, Linus, Scott, and Electra we think that we've put together a winning combination of choices to suit any type of rider that you want to be. Road bikes, mountain bikes, Townies, hybrids, Dutch style bikes, BMX, mixtes, fixies, and cruisers can all be found sharing space on our sales floor, and we now have two locations to serve you. Our original Heights location is a little North of Downtown in the Heights, just a short distance from Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, the West End, River Oaks, and the Montrose area. Our new East End location sits right on the other side of Downtown at 740 Telephone Rd. and is a quick hop from Eastwood, Idyllwood, U of H, Pearland, Pasadena, and the Clear Lake area.

Store Hours

                 The Heights                                      EastEnd

Monday         Closed                                            Closed
Tuesday         11-7                                               11-7
Wednesday     11-7                                               11-6
Thursday       11-7                                               11-7
Friday            11-7                                               11-7
Saturday        10-7                                               10-7
Sunday          10-6                                               11-5

We Carry Jamis Bicycles!


Kona Bikes For Every Rider!

Kona's an independent company designing bikes from the ground up and making the best. That's why serious riders the world over who expect nothing short of perfection ride Konas. Grab one and holoholo (ride)!

Electra: Enjoy The Ride!

Go ahead — put your feet down with the Townie!
Electra's Townies are fun and relaxing! The laid-back seating position lets you place your feet flat on the ground, and also allows for proper leg extension while pedaling. Come try one out today, you're sure to love it!

Pashley Bikes Have Landed!

Blue Line Bikes is proud to be the new Pashley Cycles dealer for the Houston area. We have a certain fondness for European commuter bicycles, and we don't think that there's anybody out there that can match the elegance, quality, and heritage of the beautiful hand-made British bikes from Pashley.

Looking For Something a Little Different?

Blue Line Bike Lab is proud to be Houston's premier dealership for some great new city bike brands, including Linus, Fairdale, and Pure Fix.

Linus is an American-owned company that specializes in affordable classic  European style bicycles such as their Dutchi model and Mixte model. Most of their models are available in several different drivetrain options and are offered in a collection of very hip modern color pallettes, making them a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern style.

Fairdale is a cool new company founded by BMX legend Taj Mihelich that makes some of the sweetest and most unique city bikes, cruisers, commuters, and fixies that we've seen in a while. Fairdale bikes combine the strength and practicality of BMX style parts on adult size frames with a Pacific Northwest meets Austin aesthetic that will take your breath away. Oh, and they're very affordable.

PureFix are some of the newest and biggest players in the sub-$400 fixed gear game. They offer well-spec'd fixies in a rainbow of color options and sizes, and we try to make sure that we always have a dozen or more to choose from. While Blue Line Bike Lab is not a fixed-gear only store, we have been selling modern fixies longer than almost anybody else in town and we remain committed to the fixed  gear scene with our huge selection of parts and complete fixed gear bikes.

There may be other shops in town that carry these brands as well, but we think that our customer service, mechanical expertise, and deep inventory availability make us your one stop shop for any of these great brands of bikes. Come in and test ride a Linus, Fairdale, or a PureFix today and show the world your style- your new ride is here just waiting on you to take it home.

Today's Tip

The Chain Tool: An Essential Take-Along For Off-Road Riding - Because a broken chain can quickly ruin a ride and force a long walk home, the most valuable tool in your seat pack when you're trail biking might just be the chain tool. The chain on an off-road rig is susceptible to damage due to the excess wear dirt puts on the links and the greater opportunity for foreign objects like sticks and rocks to beat on the chain. But, as long as you're packing your chain tool (they're small and inexpensive), should your chain separate or a link get damaged, you can simply remove the wrecked link and rejoin the chain to continue riding. Remember though, that the chain is now shorter so avoid using your large chainring in combination with the larger cogs on your rear sprockets because this can jam the drivetrain. Also, if your chain requires a special replacement pin for repairs, as many do, always carry a spare or two in your seat bag (tape them to your chain tool so you don't lose them).

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

working together

An important tactic in cycling, working together means riding with at least one other person and sharing turns in front blocking the wind so you can both rest regularly and maintain a better speed than you could riding alone.