Rad Shop Rides

If somebody were to ask us what our favorite things in life were, we'd have to say “Riding bikes and making new friends!” With that in mind, we've put together some pretty fun group rides so that we can meet new people and pedal around the city with all of our extended bike family. Anybody is welcome to come ride with us, but it should be noted that all of our rides are built around speeds that are best suited to road bikes.

We do have a few simple rules that we ask our riders to follow to ensure that everybody makes it home safely and has a great time. It hasn't happened very often over the years, but we will ask repeat offenders to please refrain from riding with us in the future. These are our rules:

  • Helmets and lights are required. No exceptions
  • No headphones
  • Call out road hazards and don't run red lights
  • Be courteous to drivers and other road users
  • Be on time, as we don't wait for anyone
  • Smile and have fun because you're awesome!

Wednesday Night Rides

We have multiple rides that leave from our Heights location on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. Each ride has it's own route and distinct pace, so come on out and decide which one works best for you and hop in!

The B Group

This is our most moderately paced ride, and is usually a happy and social event. Expect moving speeds in the 17-20mph range, with a total distance somewhere around 20 miles. This ride requires an experienced leader, so there will be times when we call it off because we don't have anybody available to lead it. Please call the Heights location on Wednesday afternoon to make sure that the ride is on for the evening.

The A Minus Group

This is a pretty quick road ride that sees moving speeds anywhere from 19 mph up to 26mph in the faster sections. The route varies, but often includes multiple bridges and exciting East End environments. Total mileage averages around 25.

Bike Fight

Bike Fight is fast, and sometimes it's REALLY fast. We get a lot of local racers and CAT 6 super stars out to work on their fitness and to gauge their strength on this ride, so expect moving speeds to be around 24mph with some extended sprints in the mid- 30s. This group has a set route that's exactly 30 miles long. Whoever is out front is the leader on this one, and you should be prepared for your own mechanical emergencies as this is definitely not a no-drop ride.

The Ice Cream Ride

This is our Saturday morning road ride that leaves Blueline at 9:30am. We roll out through Oak Forest and Spring Branch before finishing up our 27 mile route back in the Heights. The pace is usually between 19 and 21mph, but there is one section where the fast folks cut loose and sprint up to our midway rest spot. Bring cash - there's a place to refill your bottles, and sometimes we still stop for ice cream!

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.” — Ernest Hemingway, US author